We can take your Wav or ProTools master and put in a bass track the way you like it.    You'll get a mixed CD and a new master, both with a new bass track.  We can also record your live acoustic or electric demo and back you on bass.




Our equipment includes

Line6 Flextone Guitar Amp, Vintage Pearl BLX Birch (US made) Drums, 88 Key Alesis QS 8.4 KB, Mackie 16 track 6 bus mixer,  Behringer 2400 Watt Power Amp,  Peavey 400 Watt Speakers, KROK 8 Studio Monitors, Joe Meek, Audio Techica Large Diaphragm Mics, Shure Beta 58 Mics,Tascam 16 Track Digital Interface, dedicated Dell Computer Intel Quad 4 with Pro Tools 10.



Rocket 88 (with Rob on Upright Bass), 2008

Rocket88  Play Mp3

20 Flight Rock Play Mp3

Sea of Love Play Mp3


Tommy Q Band

The Thrill is Gone (Rob on Upright Bass)  Play WMA